• What is JDoodle?
  • JDoodle is an online tool to compile and execute Programs, it supports Java, C/C++, PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby, HTML and many more.

  • Why JDoodle?
  • First of all it is not a complete IDE, The aim of JDoodle is to provide a quick and easy way to execute few lines of code online. The aim is to provide a tool which will help execute, save and share programs online. This will eliminate the need to open an IDE and create new project/Class to execute for small programs.

  • Some samples?
  • Hello World
    Hello World with method
    Sample with import and Input Arguments
    Thread example
    Sample with STDIN arguments
    File write and read example
    Example for using external library from Maven repo

  • Any Shortcuts?
  • Ctrl+Space or Alt+Space for Auto Complete and Ctrl+Enter to Execute.

  • What not supported?
  • What libraries supported?
  • For Java - Along with Java Standard library, cs1.keyboard and all the jars available in maven repo is supported.

    For Others - currently Standard libraries only, please let us know if you want to see any specific library in JDoodle.

  • What not supported?
  • Network operations are not supported.

  • Any Execution time restriction?
  • Yes, there is a time restriction, it is not fixed time, it will vary time to time based on the load etc. Please write to us if you feel the allowed time is not enough.

  • How to share my code?
  • Simply save your file and click Share button, now you can just copy the URL displayed and share it with others. To make it not shared, simply click Unshare button, it will be no longer available to others.

  • How to do Peer Programming or Online interview?
  • Just click on the collaborate button, and share the URL it provides to others (supports multiple users at a time), enjoy watching what each other doing.

  • How to embed code into my website/blog and make it executable from there?
  • Using JDoodle embedding programs into your website/blog is very simple, good news is you can execute programs directly from your website/blog, please read how to embed to a blog or website for more details.
    if you are using Wordpress, there is a nice plugin you can use - JDoodle Plugin for WordPress, Please note: This Wordpress plugin is 3rd Party Plugin, Thanks to Vikor for developing this, JDoodle is not responsible for this plugin in anyway including content, function, update and maintenance.

  • What is Recents?
  • Recents is list of recently executed programs, the list stored locally in your browser, so this is available only in that browser. You can keep them available between sessions in the same browser by selecting "Remember recents in this browser in future sessions". As this is locally stored data, it will not be available in different browsers or Systems. if you want to see your codes in different Browser/System, Please Save them by clicking the Save Button.

  • What is CPU Time and Memory?
  • CPU Time - CPU time used by the program. Memory - Maximum memory used by the program.

  • How to contact/report issues/suggestions?
  • We love to hear from you, please mail us to jdoodle@nutpan.com

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