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import binascii import struct def pronto2lirc(pronto): codes = [long(binascii.hexlify(pronto[i:i+2]), 16) for i in xrange(0, len(pronto), 2)] if codes[0]: raise ValueError('Pronto code should start with 0000') if len(codes) != 4 + 2 * (codes[2] + codes[3]): raise ValueError('Number of pulse widths does not match the preamble') frequency = 1 / (codes[1] * 0.241246) return [int(round(code / frequency)) for code in codes[4:]] def lirc2broadlink(pulses): array = bytearray() for pulse in pulses: pulse = pulse * 269 / 8192 # 32.84ms units if pulse < 256: array += bytearray(struct.pack('>B', pulse)) # big endian (1-byte) else: array += bytearray([0x00]) # indicate next number is 2-bytes array += bytearray(struct.pack('>H', pulse)) # big endian (2-bytes) packet = bytearray([0x26, 0x00]) # 0x26 = IR, 0x00 = no repeats packet += bytearray(struct.pack('<H', len(array))) # little endian byte count packet += array packet += bytearray([0x0d, 0x05]) # IR terminator # Add 0s to make ultimate packet size a multiple of 16 for 128-bit AES encryption. remainder = (len(packet) + 4) % 16 # rm.send_data() adds 4-byte header (02 00 00 00) if remainder: packet += bytearray(16 - remainder) return packet if __name__ == '__main__': import sys for code in sys.argv[1:]: pronto = bytearray.fromhex(code) pulses = pronto2lirc(pronto) packet = lirc2broadlink(pulses) print print binascii.hexlify(packet)
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